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About Bitumen

Bitumen, otherwise known as asphalt, is a type of petroleum product that may come in liquid or semi-solid hydrocarbon product. Bitumen, in modern contexts, is essential to road construction amongst other things. It comes in huge quantities, naturally derived from the remains of ancient, microscopic algae and other once-living things. Known for its sustainability, Bitumen is also an indispensable material for the life-long contribution to the society’s well-being.

Bitumen is Used For

Roads and Pavements

Since the ancient time, mankind has been using bitumen to build the very foundation of civilisation. Bitumen has been essential in the construction of roads in motorways, private access roads, vehicle parking areas, sports and recreation areas and in a number of farming application.

The building industry has benefited from bitumen because of its key role in waterproofing or sealing flat roofs, and tanking underground. It is used for the production of roofing felt.

Synthetic Crude Oil
Synthetic crude oil (or syncrude) can be made from a bitumen up-grader facility, which involves a special process to extract the bitumen from the sand, and fed into a bitumen up-grader, thereby converting it into a light crude oil equivalent.

Airfield Uses
Runways on most civil and military airfields are surfaced with bitumen materials. Using bitumen helps to keep the surface of airfields bump-free and also safe for landing in harsh, tumultuous weather conditions.

Rail Track Beds
In many parts of the USA and Europe, bitumen is used as a base under new railway tracks because of the fact that it requires far less maintenance than traditional methods.


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