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The Kemaman Refinery (KBC)

The refinery, operating since 2007, is located in the industrial town of Kemaman, in the State of Terengganu on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Specially designed to process heavy crude oils and produce a wide range of high quality bitumen grades, the Plant has Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) capacity of 30,000 bbl/day.

The Kemaman Refinery (KBC) uses the Straight-Run Process to produce high quality Naphthenic Asphalt grades, which is more efficient than by using other secondary processing techniques. Some of the typical crude oils being regularly processed at the refinery are heavy crude oils from the Venezuelan oil fields, with API density between 11-20 degrees.

Visit the Kemaman Refinery Website.

The Ulsan Refinery (Ulsan)

The Ulsan refinery, operating since 1964, is located in the town of Ulsan, South Korea. Ulsan is an industrial town in the South of the Korean Peninsular. As one of the world’s largest refineries, Ulsan is very complex and able to produce high value yields from heavy crudes. The total production capacity is 840,000 bbl/day.

Ulsan refinery runs on crude oil from the Middle East, South America and Africa. The Ulsan Complex has 34 large-scale crude oil storage tanks, storing 16 million barrels of oil.

Visit the Ulsan Refinery Website.

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